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The Keboer Phase III plant plan is clear

2013-9-7 Keboer Group 5013

To all new and old customers: The third phase of Keboer's factory building is confirmed to be put into processing equipment, processing workshop, and put into equipment: gantry 4M*2M*2 sets, large-scale guide grinders*3 sets, and horizontal machining centers*5 sets, and vertical machining centers, In the later per...

Kobor Phase III Plant and Office Building

2013-8-21 Keboer Group 5120

2013 Suzhou Foundry Exhibition - Kobor

2013-4-6 Keboer Group 5078

2013 Suzhou Gießereiausstellung Ausstellungsdatum: 2013-04-09 bis 2013-04-11 Name des Pavillons: Suzhou International Expo Center Willkommen, neue und alte Kunden auf unserem Stand. Ausstellungsadresse: 1. Stock 4A68-69 Taicang Keboer Casting Co., Ltd. Marketing-Abteilung Li Yang 2013.4.6

Kobor Quality Policy

2010-11-29 Keboer Group 4491

1. In order to achieve customer satisfaction as a standard, to ensure that customer needs and expectations are met, and translated into the company's product and service requirements, the company's quality policy is determined: “Science is broad, hard work and entrepreneurship; casting quality, customer ...

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