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2019-12-21 Keboer Group 2780


Why are cast iron castings difficult to plate than other steel parts?

2011-8-28 Keboer Group 4388

Cast iron parts have a surface that is often rugged and porous, and only a rough and porous coating is obtained on such a surface. In addition, on the surface of the pig iron, free graphite is present, which not only affects the bonding between the plating layer and the base metal, but also, in the case of pores in the...

Process for solving the problem of casting porosity

2011-8-26 Keboer Group 4602

The die-casting pores are widely found in castings. How to solve the hole defects of castings has always been a headache for many manufacturers. Because of the pores, many castings with pressure requirements have to be scrapped, resulting in waste of production costs. Infiltration is widely used in the automotive indus...

Problems that should be paid attention to when Coboer-machine castings are poured

2011-8-25 Keboer Group 5440

Machine tool castings are cast in lost foam/resin sand. When machine tool castings are cast, the following points should be noted: 1. At the initial stage of pouring, especially when the molten metal is in contact with the foam, the static pressure of the molten metal is less than that of polystyrene when the sprue is...

Coboer-Turkey Cemas Foundry "Jumping Dragon Gate", becoming the national sales champion in the first half of the year

2011-8-23 Keboer Group 3234

Stimulated by the intensified competition in the global foundry market, the Turkish foundry industry has performed exceptionally well in recent years. Its castings not only provide domestic market demand, but also export a large number of oceans and seas to the world due to the high quality of castings. As the soul of ...

Representation of cast iron grades: (according to GB5612-85)

2011-3-1 Keboer Group 5008

The various cast iron codes are composed of the first uppercase letters of the Chinese pinyin letters representing the characteristics of the cast iron. When the code letters of the two cast iron names are the same, the uppercase normal letters can be distinguished by adding the lowercase normal letters. The same name ...

Kobor - the method of casting machine tools

2010-12-20 Keboer Group 4793

Casting methods are commonly used for sand casting, followed by special casting methods such as metal casting, investment casting, gypsum casting, etc. Sand casting can be divided into clay sand type, organic binder sand type, resin self-hardening sand type, lost mold and the like. Principles of casting method selecti...

Kobor - improving the tensile strength of gray iron castings

2010-12-19 Keboer Group 4267

In order to improve the tensile strength of gray cast iron, a lower carbon equivalent should be used. The carbon content in gray cast iron is mostly 2.6% to 3.6%, and the content of silicon is 1.2% to 33.0%. The lower limit is determined according to the wall thickness of the casting. Appropriately increase the content...

Kobor - Surface and internal quality testing methods for castings

2010-12-19 Keboer Group 5008

The inspection of castings mainly includes dimensional inspection, visual inspection of appearance and surface, chemical composition analysis and mechanical property test. For castings that are more important or easy to cause problems in the casting process, non-destructive testing is required, which can be used for du...

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